Dr. WaterR Pure Copper Bottle 1000ml

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“Health is Priority”, This is the motive behind making of Dr.WaterR Products for our consumers. Proudly Made in India Product with Purity of Copper Assured. Leak proof design with ergonomic shape to carry and use easily. We recommend to follow cleaning instruction before using the bottle. For INSIDIE CLEANING – Use Lime or Soapy water to clean from inside before using and clean bottle properly in regular intervals to keep it hygienic. OUTSIDE CLEANING : Wash with normal soapy water from outside. Don’t use any scrubber or pointed cleaner as it may remove lacquer coating which we have coated to protect it from blackening from outside. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS : Do not keep this bottle in refrigerator and Use bottle strictly for Water Drinking Purpose Only, nothing else. Since Copper is Soft Metal and easily oxidative in nature you may see small dents in bottle or blackening spot in some area of the bottle which doesn’t effect the functioning of bottle. There are many health benefits if you use copper bottle as per Ayurveda.

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  • Proudly Made in India product with Copper Purity assured of 98%+ (Based on Lab Reports)
  • Capacity 1000ml, Weight 280-300 Grams
  • Silicon Ring inside Cap to make Bottle Leak Proof
  • Food Grade Lacquer Coated from Outside to make bottle looks shiny for longer duration
  • Easy to carry and use with many health benefits based on Ayurveda
  • All our bottle comes with 3 Months Manufacturer Warranty
Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 28 cm


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